Peshawar Patients Are Dear To Government Whereas All Other Districts Are Ignored.

Citizens of each and every sector must be treated equally in all aspects but sometimes, some citizens have better access to others. The recent report of the Director General Health Services 2013, KPK shows unequal distribution of health services across KPK.

There is one hospital bed available for every 650 citizens in Peshawar compared to the rest of province where on average there is one hospital bed for every 2,220 citizens. That means, citizens of Peshawar who get sick are four times more likely to get a bed. The World Health Organization recommends 1 bed per 1000 citizen. Peshawar has more than enough hospital beds while the rest of KP needs twice as many. The data also shows that in Swabi and Nowshera districts, almost 4000 people share access to a single bed.

Doctors are also unevenly distributed across the province .There is one doctor for almost 3,700 citizens of Peshawar; KPK province averages nearly 10,000 citizens per doctor. It means; people of Peshawar who fall ill are three times more likely to get to see a doctor. A study of WHO recommends one doctor per 1,000 population. It provides us a picture that Peshawar needs to hire 4 times more doctors and KPK province needs to appoint 10 times more doctors to reach the satisfactory health situation according to WHO.

The comparison of number of beds in T.B hospitals in Peshawar and other districts also proves that Peshawar is favored by the Government, 5 out 8 T.B hospitals beds of KPK are in Peshawar. This data shows that almost 65% of total number of beds in TB hospitals is allocated for Peshawar and remaining 35% is considered enough for the entire remaining province.

Every 1 out of 4 hospitals of KPK is in Peshawar. The number of hospitals in Peshawar. The number of hospitals in Peshawar, Mansehra and Abbottabad are 47, 12 & 10 respectively. On the other hand, Kohistan, Batgram and Lower Dir have 0, 2 and 3 respectively. Kohistan has absolutely no hospital against the population of nearly half a million.


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Basit Ali Khan is the Data Management Officer (DMO) at Center for Investigating Reporting in Pakistan (CIPR) and is responsible for data compilation and analysis for ongoing investigations. Currently he compiling a candidate database for the upcoming elections, a database of tax payments made by politicians as well as corruption and crime statistics. He is interested in learning more advanced data skills to assist the CIPR team in tracking corruption.

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