Pakistan’s Population Balloons Because Of Poor Access To Contraceptive

Recent data shows that Pakistan’s population is swelling faster than any other country, except Afghanistan, in the region, partially due to the failure of family planning programmes.

Pakistan Economic Survey 2013-2014 data shows that with 188 million people, Pakistan stands the sixth most populous country in the world and it is growing every day. Due to poor family planning and lack of an effective government strategy for controlling birth rates, Pakistan’s population is increasing day by day. Pakistan ranks second to the bottom for family planning in the region because of poor access to birth control. The contraceptive rate in Pakistan is only 38%, meaning only four in ten women of childbearing age use modern contraceptives. Whereas, in the region, over half of women use modern contraceptives. Pakistan beats out only Afghanistan where only three in ten women use contraceptives. Sri Lanka stands at the top with the seven out of 10 women using birth control.

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Basit Ali Khan is the Data Management Officer (DMO) at Center for Investigating Reporting in Pakistan (CIPR) and is responsible for data compilation and analysis for ongoing investigations. Currently he compiling a candidate database for the upcoming elections, a database of tax payments made by politicians as well as corruption and crime statistics. He is interested in learning more advanced data skills to assist the CIPR team in tracking corruption.

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