Maternal Health – Pakistan

The report by Amina Amir focuses on the issue of high maternal mortality rate in Pakistan. The report suggests that lack of basic and primary health facilities in Pakistan is the leading cause behind women’s deaths due to labour-related complications. According to WHO, every year more than 40 million women deliver babies in Pakistan, out of which only about 20 million births take place in the hospitals. This results in a high rate of infant mortality. Even the women who are able to make it to hospitals do not get the required facilities. Gravity of the situation can be gauged from the fact that federal capital’s second biggest hospital Poly Clinic has 2-3 pregnant women lying on one bed. The hospital that caters to the needs of a huge number of pregnant women coming from different cities, has only six beds available in the labour section.

Maternal Health – Pakistan 

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Amina Amir is a reporter with GEO News TV whose major beats are economics and commerce, industries, WTO, textile, production and trade. . Her analysis of poverty data revealed that the government of Pakistan had nearly twice the number of people living under the poverty line than originally reported by the government. Her interest in the program is driven by her desire to analyze and simplify the data for the public to produce stories that have an impact on people.

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