Balochistan Government Builds Roads While People Sink Further into Poverty

Abdul Rahim is a 47-year old cattle owner who lives in Nushki district of Balochistan, a three-hour drive northwest of Quetta. He feeds his family of 10 with his herd. The prevailing drought in Balochistan in last 10 years has made life difficult for Rahim and his family as his cows go hungry.
Hania, the 4-year old daughter of Rahim, fell ill with a serious fever last October. Rahim was clueless about the prolonged fever and there was no one in his village to help him out because there are no proper healthcare facilities. He had to travel to the Quetta, the capital city, spend a day and good portion of his already dwindling savings for his daughter’s treatment.
There are many more like Rahim in rural Balochistan who expect support from the government in order to make their lives better. In order to achieve this end, Balochistan Government spends tens of billions of rupees every year on development but there is a negligible trickle-down effect on the lives of the people. Analysis of Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) documents of Balochistan and Report on Multidimensional Poverty and comparison with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province proves that development spending is not helping underprivileged people like Rahim, at large, in the province.

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Adnan Aamir is Editor of the Balochistan Voices and is the main force behind the most effective online newspaper in the province. His investigations into government spending on education issues have revealed that Balochistan has been neglected in higher education funding. Other investigations revealed that the region is not receiving its guaranteed quota of government jobs. He is interested in acquiring skills to better track funding and also how to develop narratives and data visualizations that are more likely to prompt a policy response from the government.

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