Education Not a Guarantee for Gender Equality in Pakistan

Peshawar: In Pakistan, even for the few women who reach the highest pinnacles of academia, workplace discrimination holds them back despite the enlightenment and social justice promoted by universities.

As students advance through formal schooling, girls and women disappear from the classroom each year.  Even for those who graduate from college, official data shows that around eight in every ten females choose against higher education for predictable reasons. Women and girls discontinue their education due to cultural barriers like not being able to commute to school, perceptions about a mixed gender academic environment, lack of finances, family and social pressures and, traditional gender roles expectations.

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About Abdul Salam 9 Articles
Abdul Salam worked with the local government to develop an interactive map to explore education outcomes across Pakistan and is currently engaged in teaching ICT skills in FATA. He is a coder with experience in teaching data visualization. While he has collaborated with media, he sees this program as an opportunity to work with journalists to analyze data to better report on different public interest stories.

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