In Balochistan, Five Times More People Die in Highway Accidents than Suicide Blasts

Samiullah is a retail shop owner based in Quetta city. In his mid-40s, Samiullah fondly remembers his son Hafeez whom he lost in a traffic accident last year. Hafeez was on his way to Karachi for some business and the bus he was traveling in collided with another vehicle near luckpass. “He died at the spot along with scores of other passengers, I still can’t believe that this happened,” said Samiullah.

Balochistan is a conflict zone which is marred by a low-level ethnic insurgency and also infected by secretariat terrorism. Still, data analysis of highway accidents provided by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics and suicide bomb blasts data by South Asian Terrorism Portal proves that in Balochistan more people die due to highway accidents as compared to suicide blasts.


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Adnan Aamir is Editor of the Balochistan Voices and is the main force behind the most effective online newspaper in the province. His investigations into government spending on education issues have revealed that Balochistan has been neglected in higher education funding. Other investigations revealed that the region is not receiving its guaranteed quota of government jobs. He is interested in acquiring skills to better track funding and also how to develop narratives and data visualizations that are more likely to prompt a policy response from the government.

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