Peshawar: In the general ward of Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH), Peshawar, a lady from Waziristan waiting for her turn for a routine check-up, nurses and doctors treated her as routine offering no special treatment and emergency. This means she’s on a normal routine check-up with a gynecologist.

As everyone wants to visit the best doctor for treatment no matter far or near, or some prefer a doctor recommended by other people. Some stick with their tried and trusted physician despite the fact that the doctor is not very qualified.

The issue is when people like the lady from Waziristan arrives after more than 7 hours traveling for a routine check-up.

When we ask the nurses, they respond that she is normal as a routine with no serious condition even her treatment can be done with any of her nearest health centers. It’s not necessary for this kind of condition to visit here unless the treatment facilities for her are not available at their nearest health facility.

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Abdul Salam worked with the local government to develop an interactive map to explore education outcomes across Pakistan and is currently engaged in teaching ICT skills in FATA. He is a coder with experience in teaching data visualization. While he has collaborated with media, he sees this program as an opportunity to work with journalists to analyze data to better report on different public interest stories.

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