The lesser known perils of child sexual abuse in Pakistan

Trampling of a bud prior to its bloom is what sums the sexual abuse of a child. It is an incident that leaves never-fading scorches on the bearings of the victim. What makes such incidents most horrifying is the fact that more than often the abuser is a person of trust and someone we meet frequently.  The recent cases of Zainab , Asma and several other minors brought to light a lot on the ill works of the notorious networks and linkages to online pornography rings. A lot has been said about how the perpetrators ought to be punished and measures that need to be taken to eliminate this evil from our society. Unfortunately, little is said and realized about the monsters that live in and around our homes with direct and unsupervised access to children of all ages. Paedophilism might be a new term for some but the reality is that the vile exists for some time.

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