Silent refusals and distrust of vaccines is a big challenge for vaccination teams

After the fake immunization campaign in a failed attempt to get Osama bin Laden’s DNA lineages prior to his assassination in 2011, the efforts of polio eradication in northwestern Pakistan, the last major reservoir of polio across the globe, seems still stagnated due to gaining mistrust over different vaccines despite huge aid and official investment spending over different campaign programs, human resource and logistics etc.

The immunization coverage rate before and after Osama bin Laden’s assassination clearly shows difference in rate of immunization coverage, but as numbers of population increase each year the number of exact refusal is hard to identify. However detail investigations fond some interesting case studies which define each of the type of vaccines refusal.

The cases like Rehan a 3 years old child from Laki-Marwat patient of diphtheria and was admitted in Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) for normal treatment, when details were discussed with Rehan’s parents about different vaccinations the one’s government provides for prevention of diseases, they were surprised that government was offering this kind of vaccines. Further discussion with them was quite surprising as they responded as, “Yes Yes this vaccine, this is not good for children health they are causing impotency in male children”. Rehan’s family is not the first who believe this but many of the local families have the same belief about oral and injectable vaccines.

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Abdul Salam worked with the local government to develop an interactive map to explore education outcomes across Pakistan and is currently engaged in teaching ICT skills in FATA. He is a coder with experience in teaching data visualization. While he has collaborated with media, he sees this program as an opportunity to work with journalists to analyze data to better report on different public interest stories.

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